Collection Letter Services

Our services are contingent upon the collection of monies. There are never any up front costs to our clients.

Our Services Include:

  • Letters, Telephone contacts
  • Job verification and skip-tracing
  • Litigation, probate filings, and protective lien letters
  • Credit reporting and bankruptcy filing

We maintain the most current technology for your protection. Bloodhound collection software is the best solution for credit and collection management. Bloodhound software's newest enhancements include a customizable debtor screen, active account matching during new account entry and during the collection process, and Bloodhound Click-To-Collect®, a revolutionary new feature for the collection software industry.


Accounts Receivable

We are dedicated to managing your accounts receivable. Our promise is to bill your accounts quickly and efficiently. We can improve your cash flow while reducing your overhead


Accounts Receivable Cleanup (ARC)

Hawkeye's ARC program is designed to assist your facility in cleaning up targeted areas of current accounts receivable. The portions of your A/R could be a group of specific amounts within certain financial classes or a group of accounts over a certain age. Hawkeye gives you the benefit of reducing costs and concentrating your resources on your core business and greatly improving your cash flow.

Hawkeye representatives at our office work all accounts in the program. This allows your employees to handle the front end of your A/R more efficiently and thoroughly. It also allows you the option to continue the ARC program once the stability levels are reached in the various financial classes targeted for improvement.


Debit & Credit Card Payment / Online Payment

With debit and credit card service, you can improve your position with receivables immediately! This service offers your customers a convenient way to pay and drastically reduces the cost of your billing process.


Hawkeye Credit Management
(A division of Hawkeye Adjustment)

Accounts Receivable Payment Program (ARPP)

Hawkeye Credit Management simplifies the procedures and paperwork involved in monitoring and following self-pay receivables. You may list a single account or multiple accounts.


Early Out / Pre-Collect Program

Early Out Program has the technology and capability to deal with all of your needs in a partnering relationship, maximizing the effectiveness of your business office. Whether by tape, disk, or electronic transfer, we have the methods necessary to set up your EO program quickly and efficiently. You can then begin realizing the advantages while your staff can concentrate on their priorities. All necessary activities for account resolution are performed within 120 days of aging.

Four Immediate Benefits of EO / Pre-Collect Include:

  • Improving Patient Relations
  • Increasing Cash Flow
  • Lowering Your A/R Days
  • Lowering Your A/R Totals



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